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Takes on Tucson!

All towns and cities have an aura, a “vibe,” which is the palpable expression of its people, places, practices, and venues.

Our writers have been charged with going out and personally experiencing – albeit briefly – the subject they’re writing about. It’s hoped that they can then “tell the story” of their Tucson-based experience in a manner that is engaging to people like you and me.

Takes by Category

Creative Arts

Tucson has no shortage of unique public displays, murals, tattoo studios, florists, dance studios, arts and crafts venues.

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This city is simmering with talented musicians, dance studios, gaming venues, talent venues, and other fun events.

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Food & Drinks

Coffee shops, tea houses, bakeries, and restaurants of all cuisines -- you name it, Tucson's got it!

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Hiking, biking, martial arts, dancing, skating, and all types of sports!

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From year-round outdoor markets to quaint little shops, Tucson has exactly what you're looking to buy!

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Special Interests

Subjects that don't fit the above categories -- tattoo studios, museums, cat cafes, cool non-profits -- we put right here!

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All Takes

Don't know where to begin? No problem. Immerse yourself in the universe.

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