A Taste of Tumerico

Nolan Nagle
December 5, 2022

Since coming to Tucson to attend school at the University of Arizona, I have been searching for delicious Latin cuisine and I have found just that at Tumerico. Wanting to try something new, I had Tumerico recommended to me through a peer in my English Class. With close proximity to the University it is an easy go-to for some appetizing Latin food. 

Where can I find Tumerico?

Tumerico offers fresh Latin vegan and vegetarian food at two locations here in Tucson. With one location on 4th street and one on 6th street you can get your fill of authentic Latin cuisine whether you are near the University or in downtown Tucson. Currently looking to expand, you could have a Tumerico location possibly even closer to you here in Tucson. 

Taking a look inside 

As I drove up I noticed the brick exterior which offered me comfort, reminding me of the Mexican restaurants I frequent back home. The Cacti and flowers surrounding the entrance, some suspended from the wall above, introduced a pleasant vibrance to the building, adding to the feel of being in the desert of Arizona. As I entered Tumerico I was greeted with the warm, inviting smell of chilli and pastor, signaling fresh Latin food ahead. With giant chalk boards featuring the daily menu along the walls as I entered, I was met with a large array of food and drink options. The dining area is located through the brick arch, separating you from the front and kitchen areas. This offers some pleasant intimacy while also offering the comfort of knowing you are never far from the helping hand of a Tumerico employee.

Tumerico’s daily menu perpetually offers customers fresh and new ideas. If you are unsure of what is on the menu that day you are welcome to call a Tumerico location where you will be met with the pleasantness of an employee. After interviewing an employee at Tumerico I found that the most frequently ordered dishes are Ropa Vieja, Cuban Tacos, Tamales, and Huevos Rancheros. Inspired by the north and center regions of Mexico, you can not go wrong with any dish you choose.

Our Experience 

I chose to order the Pastor Tacos, which had a spice warning on the menu which I chose to ignore. This came back to bite me as I can’t handle spice as well as some. The guacamole coupled with the beans and rice helped soothe the fiery flavor of the pastor tacos. My friend, Trinity, who came along with the promise of delicious Latin food, was not disappointed when she ordered Chorizo Con Papas. You can see a picture of the Chorizo Con Papas in the first picture of the article. Before I could look up from my spicy tacos, her plate was almost gone. Along with the main dish, sides of rice beans and salad were included.

Tumerico exceeded my expectations, and found one more loyal customer in myself. I expected trying to find a new Latin/Mexican Restaurant to be hard. I did not expect to run into such a delicious spot on the first go but I couldn’t be happier that I did. The daily menu intrigues me and builds my excitement to return and try more of their flavorful dishes. If you are looking for a new Latin/Mexican restaurant give Tumerico on 4th or 6th street a try, you won’t be disappointed.


Nolan Nagle is a Freshman at the University of Arizona pursuing a major in Business.