Flowers & Gifts & “Beezus” – Oh My!

April 27, 2022

It’s a typical day on 6th Avenue with the warm sun beating down. And there, emerging from the brightness like a second sun, I see a bright yellow storefront that reminds me of a sunflower. It’s the entrance to Beezu Beezu flowers & Gifts under an elegantly designed sign that reminds me of honey. This drop of sunshine in the desert is the my go-to store for my floral needs.

A disclaimer: I have an “in” at this incredible shop. My dear friend Anthony Arvizu is the founder and owner.  Anthony is incredibly creative and artistic; every floral arrangement I have seen at Beezu Beezu  amazes me. Anthony has also created an incredibly welcoming and friendly shop.

In the Beginning…

The first time I entered Beezu Beezu was on its opening day in July of 2021. As soon as I entered I was immersed in the scene of fresh florals. The same yellow sun-drop color featured on the outside of the shop is carried inside. This yellow occupies the counterspace, curtains and many other areas of the shop, creating an ambient a warmth and comfort that the staff emanates as well. Each time I come in, I am welcomed with kindness. The energy at Beezu Beezu is so positive — both amiable and tranquil.

What’s in a Name?

A motif of decorative bees is also displayed in various parts of the shop. These bees are “hidden in plain sight.” It takes a careful eye to notice all of them.

Recently, I was given the pleasure of speaking with Anthony in-depth about the flower shop.  I asked about the curious name of this shop. “Beezu Beezu,” Anthony said, “comes from connection between bees and they pollinate. Pollination is like the kiss of bee and flowers, and the name is inspired by the French phrase bisou bisou (kiss kiss) in French.” He also added that the name connects to this last name, Arvizu. “Beezu Beezu symbolizes all aspects coming together to create something unique, creative, and special.”

What is the shop’s specialty, I asked Anthony. “Our specialty would be selecting the right flowers and designs that express the special occasions customers are purchasing them for, to create a memorable experience that fresh flowers convey through their unique, fragrance and design.”  Most specialized arrangements at Beezu Beezu are created specifically for customers based on the specifics of their requests.

What about those Centerpieces?

Centerpieces can be a floral arrangement or decorative item that is placed in the middle of a table as decoration for special events. They are common at weddings and other important events.

Anthony described floral arrangements as centerpieces as “floral centerpieces are a great way to easily dress up a room, if it’s for a simple gathering or ballroom event it’s always a great idea to have fresh flowers.” Since Anthony and I were discussing floral centerpieces regarding his specialty, I decided to ask him to tell me about his favorite center pieces. Anthony described his favorite centerpiece as “The centerpieces created on my wedding day were my favorite. I remember how beautiful the hydrangeas, roses, and cymbidium orchids were as they were placed on high floral stands cascading down.”

Another thing Anthony mentioned was the beautiful floral fragrance the centerpieces produce. This same fragrance is carried into Beezu Beezu and it is an incredible sensory experience like no other. The scent of hundreds of fresh flowers at Beezu Beezu is indescribable but it immerses your nose and senses in the best way possible. It is an experience everyone should encounter at least once.

The Designing Process

Next, I asked Anthony about the flowers he likes to use. I wanted to learn about specific types of flowers that have a special place in the arrangement. Anthony told me ” Some of my go to flowers would be stock, roses and hydrangeas since they create a great center focal point. Overall, I go with what catches my eye, and is portrays the customers wishes.” Anthony always finds ways to crate an amazing arrangement fresh with blooms that look beautiful together.

Lastly, I wanted to ask Anthony about the way he creates the centerpieces.

I thought it would be interesting to hear about the way his incredible floral arrangements come to life.  Anthony described the process as “When I start building the arrangements, I place the flowers it can be a round, oval, square depending on where it’s being placed and how big the table is. I like start with an oval since it can be versatile. I’ll create the shoe with greens and then add in the flowers and placing them to complement each color and shape.”

Before speaking with Anthony, I never understood the creativity it takes to create a truly stunning floral arrangement. “Each flower has its special place and has been carefully thought of in the process to make the arrangements evoke emotions and bring out the most beauty the flowers have to offer. This process brings me the most happiness. To see the final result, is like a work of art to help create an emotional and memorable experience.”

Beezu Beezu always creates the most stunning floral arrangements for any of your floral needs.


Raquel Chambers is currently completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona.