A Berry Divine Experience

April 25, 2022

As someone who is very into fitness and nutrition, I am always looking for new places where I can find healthier eating options that aren’t just nutritious, but that are also tasty. After finishing a tough workout, I’m often in need of something refreshing that won’t cause me to re-consume all of the calories that I just burned off. Berry Divine offers just this. From smoothies to acai bowls, this store provides nutritious options for people with all types of dietary needs and restrictions.

My First Visit

Berriful Smoothie & PB&J SmoothieI visited Berry Divine for the first time one afternoon after working out at the gym. When you walk into the store, you’re met with a tropical environment that makes you feel as though you just transported to Hawai’i. Their decorations include surfboards that are hung from the ceiling and giant images of fresh fruit. I automatically expected whatever I ordered to taste refreshing and flavorful, simply due to the setup of this location.

I decided on the Berriful Smoothie, which includes acai, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and apple juice. My friend Avery, who came with me on this visit, ordered the currently featured PB&J Smoothie. This smoothie contains fresh acai, pitaya, banana, strawberries, apple juice, cashew milk, protein powder, chocolate, peanut butter, and dark cherries. The employee who took our order was very friendly and stated that these two smoothies were his personal favorites.

While waiting for our orders to be ready, we were able to observe the staff making our smoothies. With the way the store is set up, the entire kitchen area is visible to customers. I know that everyone always says that in a restaurant you never want to see what goes on in the kitchen, or else you’ll never want to eat there again. However, this was not the case at Berry Divine. All of the employees were very clean, as were the surfaces where the fruit was being prepared. Our smoothies were ready for us in a short amount of time and I was quite excited for my first taste. When I tasted my smoothie, I experienced a burst of flavor. I could taste the slight tartness of the acai and the sweetness of the berries. Not only did it taste great, but the purple berry color of it made it look extra appetizing to me. I was very content with my purchase.

What Makes Berry Divine So “Berry” Good?

There are various aspects about Berry Divine that make it unique from other smoothie places and acai shops in Tucson. To further explain these aspects, I decided I needed to speak to someone who is in charge. I was able to get in touch with the manager via email, who was able to offer me more information about the Tucson location. One thing that he thinks makes this location stand out is the influence from a “wide variety of customers.” Berry Divine is located on Speedway Boulevard, which makes it susceptible to college students from the U of A, as well as various Tucson locals. Compared to other locations and shops, Berry Divine is a venue for all types of customers, which gives it a much different vibe than your average small town shop. Their products can appeal to people of all ages.

There’s also something special about the menu at Berry Divine. No ice is ever used in any smoothies or bowls and all ingredients are always 100% organic. As the manager stated in his email, “we use 100% premium organic acai and strive to use the healthiest ingredients possible, without unnecessary additives.” The menu also offers products that comply with various dietary restrictions. They have dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free options. Having a wide menu allows Berry Divine to provide something tasty for each unique customer.

Another interesting tidbit of information that many people may not know about Berry Divine is that one of their goals is to reduce their carbon footprint. The manager told me that they “strive to make the smallest possible amount of waste and use disposable plant-based materials for bowls, cups, and straws.” Personally, I think this is what makes Berry Divine stand out the most. I don’t know of any other smoothie/acai bowl shops that advertise a particular issue that they are striving to change.

I thoroughly enjoyed the products that Berry Divine has to offer. The more that I learned about the store (specifically the Tucson location), the more that I became interested in Berry Divine. I have nothing but good reviews for the environment, the menu, and the staff. I will most definitely be adding a stop at Berry Divine into my weekly routine!


Brianne Lindenau is a freshman at the University of Arizona who is majoring in Criminal Justice Studies.