No Blues at the Blue Willow

Madisyn P
December 2, 2022

On Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022, I visited my most favorite brunch spot: Blue Willow. The Arizona weather was especially beautiful with a clear sky and a light breeze. The parking lot was busier than I had anticipated for a Wednesday morning-the parking lot was full and groups awaited their tables-but no wait time could stop me from getting to my Blue Willow breakfast. I’ve noticed that this restaurant typically has an older crowd, grandmas and grandpas sitting and sharing a meal with their friends and families; which is very preferable for a much-needed, relaxing Wednesday afternoon.

Gizmos and gadgets…oh my!

The entryway of the restaurant is a unique, artisan gift shop with products ranging from lavender candles, to self-help books, to iron-branded jewelry. Since there was a slight wait until my table was ready, I spent time wandering through the shop and admiring the many knick knacks that Blue Willow had to offer: birthday cards, funny socks, dog toys, you name it!

A shimmery object caught my eye and I was in awe of the beautiful ring before me. I love finding jewelry that suits my personality – simple yet bold. The dainty ring was delicately lined with gold trimming while studded with sparkling stones that consumed the entirety of its inside. 

I sprinted to the register to purchase the ring as I saw the hostess approaching me to let me know my table was ready.

What to choose, what to choose!

I was politely given the option to sit inside or outside and although the inside of the restaurant was intriguing because I have never chosen to sit inside, I couldn’t help but impulsively select the patio seating. Every visit, I am drawn to the luscious greenery and glimmers of sunshine that peek through the ramada. The red-brick flooring is comforting and homey as it mirrors that of a house’s patio. The umbrellas provide the optimal amount of shade to keep the Arizona sun from   The slight chill of the November air urged me to order a warm cup of coffee and I did just that: I indulged in the most delicate, semi-sweet vanilla latte. 

The extensive menu offered too many mouth watering options to choose from. Did I want their fresh berry crepes? Their eggs benedict? After five or so minutes of flipping back and forth between the pages, I stumbled on the one and only “Jammy Sammy”. This wasn’t any ordinary breakfast sandwich: toast, egg, cheese. No, this was a poached egg, cooked to perfection, with American cheese, fresh arugula, crispy strips of bacon, and a spicy tomato bacon jam all on a toasted and buttery brioche bun, served with crispy breakfast potatoes. What a tomato bacon jam was, I wasn’t sure. All I knew in that moment was that I wanted nothing more than to find out. 

As I anticipated my plate I took a mouth-filling sip of my latte, felt the warmth travel throughout my body, and sat back in my chair to enjoy the cozy cup of joy in my hands. Now maybe I was just hungry, but that latte tasted better than any other vanilla latte I’ve ever had before – and I would consider myself a vanilla latte connoisseur. The milk was the perfect temperature of hot, but not hot enough to burn my tongue, the vanilla was flawlessly semi-sweet, and the design of the heart was a flattering touch that brought a smile to my face.

Love at first bite…

I was simultaneously shocked and pleased at how fast my food arrived considering that all items are made fresh from the kitchen that resided next to the patio. The waitress placed the plate on my table and I marveled at the sandwich in front of me. When I took my first bite, warm yolk streamed down my chin while sweet bacon crumbled in my mouth. There is truly no culinary satisfaction like the one received while luxuriating in a Blue Willow breakfast. 


Madisyn Peterson is a student at the University of Arizona. She is a participant and student-researcher for the Takes on Tucson website.