Cars (and Coffee) Galore for Automotive Enthusiasts

Cooper Wall
December 4, 2022

Have you ever woken up and it feels like Christmas morning as a child? You feel excited and curious for what’s to come in the near future. Waking up for the early morning Cars and Coffee show hosted by Crown Concepts gives me that feeling almost every month. The excitement I feel walking into the garage to take my mustang to the car show is unmatched. As I turn over the motor and my obnoxiously loud muscle car comes to life, I can feel that it’s going to be a wonderful day surrounded by wonderful people.

I have a passion for cars, and I love being able to go to local events that allow me to share my passion with likeminded people.  As a young child my dad would bring me to car meets and I got to see vehicles that would feed my love for the hunks of metal. From a young age working on cars and trucks was my escape from the world, and still is. People see cars as hunks of metal with some rubber, glass, and fluids. Cars and trucks are living objects to me, I see a soul in every vehicle. Everybody in the car community customizes their vehicles to their personal tastes and you see the owners create these vehicles’ souls to reflect their own. Vehicles are what make me happy and feel a part of an amazing community.

More than just Cars

Crown Concepts Cars and Coffee takes place on the first Saturday of every month at Topgolf Tucson from 7-9. Through a partnership with Topgolf Tucson, Crown can provide free delicious coffee for the attendees of the event, along with free golfing if you’d rather enjoy something other than cars.  If you’d like to bring your own vehicle to the event, just show up with your sick ride and find the perfect parking spot.

My “Ride” of a Lifetime!

As I drove my aggressively loud Mustang up to the event on a cold November morning, I saw anything from a Corvette to a Ferrari. Being unable to focus on the frosty cold that was outside my car, the excitement of driving into the car show warmed me. I was able to park near a couple friends that came to the show with me. We kept our ears open to listen for interesting vehicles that drove in. Sometimes a little Mini would drive by us, other times a group of supercharged Camaros that wreaked of gasoline and sounded like angry lions drove by.

My friends and I are particularly interested in JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars. We walked down one of the many rows filled with super cars and hot rods and found a Mitsubishi Evo with its hood lifted. As we swarmed the engine bay, and admired the modifications done to the vehicle, we tried to guess what power it was making.

The entire time being at the event, my friends and I were able to walk around and see cars reflecting our passion. On one side of the show, we talked to a 4runner group, and I learned about pros and cons of different generations of 4runners. While on the other side, we looked at super cars and met owners of beautiful muscle cars. We talked to people we had never met before and saw cars we could only dream of. This show is something we look forward to every month and it helps us set personal goals.

What is Crown’s Cars and Coffee Event?

I first experienced Crown Concept’s cars and coffee show in 2019. The show was relatively small then, it consisted of 20-30 cars, and took place at their shop parking lot. However, it was a lovely experience, I was able to talk to many people with similar interests. Knowing that other people have the same interest and passion as it gives the sense of belonging within the car community. I still have the same feeling today with the much larger “grown up” event. Once Crown Concepts moved the car show to Topgolf, people started to flood the event and create the show that we are able to enjoy today.

I had the opportunity to speak with the event coordinator of the monthly event, Chris Loa. I asked Chris what his favorite part about the show was. He responded with, “my favorite part about the show is the diversity of cars that you don’t see at every car show and seeing the same people every month”. The amount of people that come to the car show almost every month is amazing. People truly love the show and make it a part of their routine to be a part of the cars and coffee event while allowing new people to come every month.

My take on Crown Concept’s Cars and Coffee

Crown Concepts Cars and Coffee is an amazing car show. It’s the only show I’ve ever been to that encapsulates the diversity within the car community. I’ve been able to talk to professional race car drivers, along with people showing off their dream. I get to walk around with my friends and loved ones in peace enjoying all the vehicles at the event. Until a rowdy muscle car roars to life, then I run over to listen and admire. I highly recommend going to this event if you have a knack for shiny or fast cars, and if you’d like a free cup of coffee, it’s the perfect car show.

Cooper Wall freshman at the University of Arizona who hopes to study material science engineering and minor in chemical engineering.