Dah Rock Shop Just Dazzles!


I have always had an unusual fascination for rocks and minerals ever since I was little. I was an avid collector and owned almost every rock you could possibly own. Of course I grew out of this phase and began to obsess over other things as every little kid does. However, I have noticed that crystals and rocks have started growing on me again and I decided to do some exploring around Tucson and see what I could find.

Dah Rock Shop was the one place that stuck with me compared to all the other little shops. If you’re on search for any type of rock, mineral or fossil, especially ones you can find here in Arizona, this is the place that you want to visit. Dah rock shop holds a lot more than you think. The shop is about 10 minutes from the University of Arizona campus. It’s closed on Mondays and Sundays but open from 10:30 AM to 5pm every day. If you’re ever bored or in need of a last minute gift, Dah Rock shop is just the place to go. Ever since the upcoming trend of crystals and spiritual powers this shop has made some very positive adjustments including a large increase of inventory and a more adaptive customer service.

Hypnotized upon entering

Immediately when you enter the shop you’ll feel like you’re in a trance, overwhelmed by all of the different products. Everywhere you look it’s something new and exciting, it’s like being a kid in a, well, a “rock candy shop.” I was immediately welcomed in by one of the workers, “Hi, I’m Marta, let me know if you need help finding anything or have any questions!”  I thanked her and moved right along from one rock to the next. Along with rocks and minerals, this shop also has books, plants and sculptures. There is an array of different succulents spread out through the store that are for sale. They really brighten the room and make it feel more alive and happy as if you are in a jungle.

There is also a large collection of books on a bookshelf in the back right corner of the store that immediately grabbed my attention. I read through some of the book covers and discovered that they were mainly about the spirituality of the different types of crystals. There were also some that had a lot of information about the history of Arizona and its tribal background.

You can feel the energy of the different rocks and the workers that are present and just the good vibes all around. The workers will greet you and are happy to help but they let you enjoy the experience all by yourself, no hovering over your shoulder. This shop also posed as a peaceful place to clear my mind, no interruptions, just pretty rocks and plants.

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks

I toyed with many rocks of all shapes and sizes. Some sharp and dense and could be used as a paperweight, others smooth and light as a feather. I was so captivated by each and every one of the rocks on display. I made sure to touch and feel and admire the shapes that they came in. There were little rose quartz crystals carved into tiny hearts which I absolutely fell in love with. Each heart had a slightly different tone of pink since each crystal is unique. One rock in particular caught my attention however. Malachite, which is a smooth green rock with a marbling affect. The marbling reminded me of ripples in the lake after you hurl a rock in. It had these pretty hues of emerald green that really stood out from anything else. Of course I’m biased since green is my favorite color, however, name any color and you’ll find a rock or mineral that matches it. You’ll find large minerals propped up with small ones surrounding them. Or some minerals carved into shapes such as little mushrooms or elephants.

One of the most interesting things about the shop that I discovered was that each rock had very detailed descriptions. These included where it was originally found, what spiritual properties it possessed, and if it was a fossil it said how old it was. In the picture below you’ll see fossilized ammonite. These in particular were found in Madagascar. They also possess empowerment, luck and sustainability. When you purchase a specific rock they will give you a card with all of this information on it in the bag so that you can always remember what its spiritual meaning is, or you gift it to somebody else who is in need of those specific traits.  


This shop also had a pretty large variety of copper which is a good representation of the massive amount of copper that the state of Arizona possesses. Arizona leads the region and country in copper production. The largest copper mine here is the Morenci Mine which is also one of the largest mines in the world. I was able to discuss this a little bit with the worker Marta who greeted me at the door. She had some knowledge about the popular rocks here in Arizona. I learned that Arizona is most known for its turquoise, copper, azurite and malachite. These were all available in the shop to look at and purchase so she brought me over to look at them. She described their major properties and how some of them were used by natives in Arizona. They used the pretty stones such as Turquoise to make jewelry and beads for decoration. They would also carve weapons out of stones for hunting purposes and self defense.

So much to look at, to touch and to feel, and to learn. Dah Rock Shop rocks!


Megan Sullivan, freshman at the University of Arizona studying Biology.