Celebrating Dogs-n-Donuts!


When you hear the word “dog,” what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?

I think of affection, snuggling, and unmatched joy. Yes, I love dogs! When my friends and I go for walks, every single dog we pass gets a comment on their cuteness and sometimes a request for a pat on the head. When I left my home in Washington, my biggest worry was having to leave my three dogs behind. I have been feeling a void since I’ve been gone, but luckily my parents have been coerced into sending me pictures of them every day.

Just recently, it was my dog Charlie’s birthday. My parents sent me a picture of her looking right at home seated at the kitchen table with a party hat on.  My dad had grilled her up a hamburger and I spent a solid week showing the picture to every person I passed. In the past, my family has tried to make dog birthday cakes, but they always turn into a lump of unappealing meat and dog treats. Although the dogs seem to have no complaints, it’s not necessarily what you would picture when you think of a birthday dessert.

Dog blowing out a birthday candle

Yes, dessert … for dogs!

Around that time I stumbled across a website about “dog bakery” in Tucson called Dogs-n-Donuts.  Looking through their photo gallery, I saw that they made legitimate dog treat donuts, and I was entranced by the idea.  They also offered stunning dog birthday cakes, and if I didn’t know any better I would have ordered one for myself.

My first thought was this was the cutest thing ever! My second thought was: Kevin would love this.  Kevin is my roommate’s dog, a tiny chihuahua mutt with a heart of gold that makes up for his ditzy nature. Kevin has been a huge source of happiness for me since I came to college, helping to fill the void in my dog-loving heart.  I instantly called up my roommate and asked if I could treat Kevin to a donut. After a couple beats of silence and muffled confusion, she said that he would love one. I grabbed my keys and my friend, and we were off to Dogs and Donuts.

Gourmet Treats and More!

A donut, the Dogs-n-Donuts sign from a streetview, and a donut bakery case

Dogs and Donuts is nestled in a quiet business park on Broadway Boulevard. It welcomes customers with an adorable entrance sign picturing a fluffy white dog amidst two appetizing donuts. The friendly ding of a bell greeted us as we opened the door and stepped into a doggy oasis. The walls were stacked high with unique doggy toys, treats, and even University of Arizona apparel. We got slightly distracted and considered buying a particularly festive dog sombrero for Kevin, but came to the conclusion that he would probably prefer a donut instead. Back on track, we looked through the display case at the countless arrays of seasonal Easter treats, birthday cakes, and enough donuts to last Kevin a month! Kevin, though, is known for having a select palette, so after consulting an employee and providing a description of Kevin, we picked out a classic vanilla donut for him.

Kevin’s First-Ever Donut!

The drive home was full of excitement, taking pictures of the adorable pastry bag and discussing what Kevin’s reaction was going to be. As we entered the apartment, I could hear the scampering of tiny paws and the scratching of nails on the wood floor as Kevin bolted towards us.  Panting from his expedition, Kevin screeched to a stop, excitement in the air. His beady eyes grew three sizes as he caught a whiff of the mysterious crinkled pastry bag in my hand. He wiggled with excitement, his tiny tail thumping against the ground as he assumed the necessary sitting position to prove his obedience. Impatience growing, Kevin widened his gaze as his tongue flopped out his mouth, salivating at his impending treat.

The dog(Kevin) eating a donut, sniffing a donut bag, and jumping enthusiastically

At first, I attempted to break the donut into smaller bites in order to keep Kevin from engulfing it all in one gulp, but eventually we decided to just let him go for it. After he scarfed it down, Kevin rummaged through the empty bag, excitedly looking for more. After realizing he was searching through an empty bag, Kevin shrunk back in disappointment. 

A Full Circle of Love

Following my visit, I couldn’t stop thinking of this business and its uniqueness. When I talked with the owner, Christa Parsons, she asked me, “When you think about dogs, what’s’ the first thing that pops into your mind?” That is the question I opened this article with. Christa continued: “There’s never a negative association when I think about a dog.” And honestly, that is what makes Dogs-n-Donuts so unique. Most of us have been blessed to have amazing dogs in our lives, and it really shapes the way we navigate life. Dogs-n-Donuts is able to act as a positive light in the community, and give something special back to the animals that are always looking out for us.

The mission of Dogs-n-Donuts is simple. “Everyone who comes in here is so happy,” Christa told me. “Whether they’re first-time customers or repeat customers, I’ve never had a grumpy person come in. My mission is to spread happiness around through the dog lover community, a full circle of love between dogs and dog-owners.”

So if you are ever looking to treat your four-legged friends, and escape the negativity of the world, then consider stopping by Dogs and Donuts, where you will always be greeted with a bright smile and a happy dog.


Allie Fleming is a freshman at the University of Arizona majoring in Psychology.