A Taste of the South West at El Sinaloense

Mitch and Ryan B
December 1, 2022

A small local hot dog cart located in Northern Tucson serves some of the best, most flavorful authentic Sonoran Hot dogs in all of Arizona. Each bite of this flavor-packed hot dog amazes your tastebuds; the charred bread with a hint of sweetness, the grilled onions bursting with flavor, the pinto beans, and a drizzle of mayo and yellow mustard to finish creates a delightful culinary mess. This cost-effective and savory meal is a must-try while in Tucson.

A traditional Sonoran hot dog typically consists of a bacon-wrapped hot dog that is grilled and served on a sweet, buttered bolillo-style bun topped with pinto beans, grilled onions, tomatoes, and a variety of additional condiments, including mayonnaise, mustard, and jalapeño salsa.

El Sinaloense hot dog cart is not the only Sonoran Dog place in town, but it’s one of the best.

El Sinaloense, co-founded by Manual, has been serving the Tucson community for 14 years and is currently located off North Alvernon Avenue, next to Dairy Queen; it is an easy spot to miss, but once you have discovered the small decorated cart and tried one of Manual’s amazing hot dogs, you will be back for more. The authentic vibe, consisting of picnic tables, open dining, and an outdoor eating space, which only adds to the overall dining experience.

Walking up to the small two-person kitchen, the smell of fresh produce and hearing the sounds of sizzling bacon-wrapped hot dogs filled us with nothing but excitement for this culinary journey. We were immediately greeted by Manual, who gave us numerous recommendations on what to get, and we then placed our order. We strongly recommend the classic Sonoran hotdog with everything on it and chips with a choice of one of their amazing variety of different drinks.

With their open kitchen design, you watch your food get made every step of the way, from the buttering of the bun to the toasting on the hot grill to grilling the juicy bacon-wrapped hot dog. After we were given our food, we made our way to the condiment stand, where there were various options, such as fresh lettuce, cheese, hot sauce, and other appetizing toppings. There is a cart with a diverse selection of chips, ranging from Doritos and Lays to imported Mexican chips like Azteca tortilla chips. We indulged in the Azteca tortilla chips, a tasty side that made the meal complete.

The Culinary Journey

Once we sat down and fully looked at the meal before us, our mouths were watering, and we were eager to devour this tasty meal. The first bite was like putting on your seat belt on a roller coaster, then the second bite was the build-up before the big drop, then the third bite was the big drop. All the flavors combined, and it was an incredible culinary journey that we never wanted to be over.

We spoke with Owner Manual about his El Sinaloense hot dog stand; he said, “they have been successfully operating in Tucson for over 14 years.” He believes that their “fresh ingredients are what separates our hotdogs from the rest” Manuel was very polite and very humble about the success of his small business.


Mitch Marker is an undergraduate student, from Colorado, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona.

Ryan Becker is an undergraduate student, from Michigan, pursuing a degree in Pre-business at the University of Arizona.