Jimmy’s Pita & Poke Bowls: The Chill Spot

Langston and Eden
December 5, 2022

Coming from different parts of the country we have different types of cultures and eat mismatched foods, but one thing we have in common is our love for trying new things and Poke Bowls. While searching around for something that would fulfill our hunger for being adventurous with our taste buds, we stumbled upon Jimmy’s Pita & Poke Bowl and instantly knew that we needed to go that day and give this place a try.

While visiting Jimmy’s Pita & Poke Bowls, we went in, and were instantly overwhelmed with the aroma of delicious steaks and seafood. It surprised us as we had never before been met with that different variety of food. From the chicken to the steak to the countless contrasts of seafood. Some of our favorites include the Aloha Tuna, the Spicy Octopus, and the Shrimp. Mixing all of those together creates a delectable experience in your mouth.

How does the food hit differently?

As we browsed their menu I peeked over and saw them cooking the food right in front of us. Our senses were met with a stupendous sensation as our mouths watered with excitement, our noses flared up and smelt all the tang in the air, and our eyes were glued to the sweet and savory creation they were constructing.

You would be surprised with just how delicious it is when it all comes together. The zest of the spicy mayo and the distinguished taste of their special party sauce is what genuinely brings out all of the flavors and truly makes your taste buds happy. Satisfied with the initial presentation we continued on to order. We were greeted by enthusiastic and helpful employees who gave us terrific recommendations like combining different types of onions and grilled vegetables to bring out the palate of spices and seasonings.

We actually ended up trying it that way too. Another thing that stood out to us the most is the affordable price range, at Jimmy’s they keep their prices more than fair because they want to maintain that standard that they promise their customers. You wouldn’t think it but, the sounds of chopping on a cutting board, and the crispy meat that crackles in your mouth makes you feel sensation like no other.

Ordering from poke is definitely one of the healthier choices and fills you up equally at the same time. They also offer individuals with allergies or food setbacks alternate suggestions so it won’t hold them back from making an order at poke. We are excited to learn more about their meal plan for people who are on stricter diets. They are constantly trying to keep up with the times and come out with new programs that will interest customers and drive more business.

This meal plan that we heard briefly about would allow people to have food set out for the week where they would be on whatever type of calorie intake they wish whether they are trying to lose or gain weight. Being a small business is already hard enough and you must always be trying to improve to compete in such a competitive market. 

A business that cares…

According to the manager, Cody,  working there puts him in an environment where he can grow and do what he really loves, which is bringing happiness to his customers and people he also wants to hustle everyday. Another question we asked him was, “What is your favorite part about the food here?” He told us that, “He likes working with and creating healthy food and knowing what stuff he puts in his body. His favorite part is the rich tastes and delicious steak that they pay top dollar for to retain the quality.”

The final question we asked was, “Are you able to explain any of the photos on these walls.” he answered and told us that, “A photographer came in on Bear Down Friday, which is a block party and pep rally on University Boulevard which is where their store is located, they sold them the photos and we ended up putting them on our walls.” The art on the walls is what we believe to be the touch of the restaurant. You feel welcomed and warm and we enjoyed sitting down and eating our food rather than taking it out because of the environment they created. Every-time you go to a restaurant you make the conscious decision to either eat your food there or take it out. Multiple factors go into that decision making process, and we asked ourselves how they did such a good job with their food and their hospitality. We believe it is thanks to the management and the awesome place that Jimmy’s has created.


Langston Major is a pre-business major at The University of Arizona. After school he plans on working in the fashion management industry

Eden Pinn is a pre-business major at the University of Arizona. After school he plans to work in business management.