Momo’s on 6th

Becca Dishaw
December 2, 2022

Welcome to Momo’s on 6th, a delicious, fun, welcoming Mexican restaurant that sits on the corner of the University of Arizona campus. Momo’s, a family business, has been open for four years now. A black and red building, with big windows, and a huge beautiful black and white mural on the side of the building that shows a Mexican Skeleton surrounded by the night sky with cacti, makes this restaurant feel open and welcoming. 

I came to this restaurant with my best friend, Manny. We were both super hungry and we saw the pictures of the different kinds of food they have on google and it looked delicious. When we showed up to the building, the first thing I noticed in the front of this restaurant was the big windows, string lights, a U of A flag and a nice seating area outside. As we walked in, I felt very excited to eat when I smelled meat cooking and fresh spicy salsa, and hearing the upbeat music playing inside. As we walked up to the front counter, I couldn’t stop looking around at the bright red colored walls with beautiful unique abstract people and cultural skeleton paintings hung up on the walls. I also noticed a sign stating that they have a special everyday from 2-5, they offer 5 tacos for $12, and Carne asada fries or Chicken nachos for $8. 

I noticed a shelf holding plenty of beverages they have, such as Mexican sodas, energy drinks, Starbucks coffee, and a big sign showing all the different types of margaritas. There’s so many distinct flavors –  watermelon, strawberry, piña colada, On the front counter they have their very own homemade horchata and Jamaica. I look to my left and there is a huge bar in the middle of the restaurant with a well done black and white tile on the counter of the bar. Tall black stools for seating were spread around the bar and a counter in the middle full of different types of liquor.

Time to eat!

As we looked at the menu at the front counter, we couldn’t decide what we wanted to eat! They had so many options such as different types of tacos, enchiladas, tortas, quesadillas, soups, Sonoran hot dogs and burritos! I had to choose tacos because they are definitely my favorite Mexican dish. I ordered two pollo asado tacos and helped myself to a horchata to drink. A horchata is a sweet cinnamon rice drink that is made of rice, cinnamon, water, sugar and vanilla which is my favorite Mexican beverage. My friend Manny decided to get the Sonoran hotdog and a Birria taco. A Sonoran dog is like a normal hotdog but the sausage is wrapped in bacon with mayonnaise and mustard, topped with beans, pico de gallo and grilled onions. 

Finally, we walk to go find our seat and we both notice a salsa bar. This sat right next to the soda machine, the salsa bar has limes, guacamole, pico de gallo, and freshly made salsa. You can grab what you like and put it in a small container. And take it to your seat.  As we went to sit down, we found a booth right next to a nice big window, where we could look out and see the road with cars and across the street sit another big restaurant. A few seconds went by and our food was already done and handed to us! We were really pleased with how fast our food was done. 

We started to put our helpings from the salsa bar in our tacos and as I took a great big bite, I tasted the well seasoned meat, the lime, and also the spice of the pico de gallo and salsa. As me and my friend were enjoying our food, we were also enjoying the music that was playing, a mix of Mexican and American music, such as old school music, and some more modern music. We heard Bidi Bidi Bom Bom by Selena and also Pieces of me by Ashlee Simpson. Anyone who would come into this restaurant would find themselves enjoying the music while also enjoying their food. I also enjoyed watching cars go by and looking at the beautiful Tucson Arizona sky.

I was able to talk to the manager of Momo’s, Mr. Salvador. He was a very kind and welcoming gentleman. He was more than welcome to talk to me and answer a few questions I had. I asked him what do you think customers love about Momo’s on 6th? He instantly replied with, “Definitely the music and the salsa bar.” I would have to agree, while I enjoy my delicious food, help myself to the salsa bar and also listen to well known music while I devour my meal. It’s a really comfortable and homey feeling to eat at this restaurant. 

Momo’s on 6th, delicious food and beautiful atmosphere. Coming here for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect but wow it was a very nice experience for me, who loves Mexican food and a cozy restaurant to eat at. My friend and I both had a great experience here and will definitely be going back to enjoy the wonderful homemade Mexican dishes, different tasty drinks, comforting music and wonderful vibe of the whole restaurant. If you love fresh homemade Mexican food, and feel at home while you enjoy your food, Momo’s on 6th is the place for you!


Becca Dishaw is a first-year student at UArizona.