Firing up the Teppan at Mr. An’s

December 8, 2022

My name is Rayshon Luke and I’m going to share with you my experience at Mr. An’s Teppanyaki Steak and Seafood.  I am a huge teppanyaki and hibachi lover. For my seventh birthday, my family took me to a Japanese restaurant called Benihana in my hometown in southern California. I was so fascinated by that on-the-spot cooking and eating experience. Mr. An’s reminds me so much of that place. I’ve eaten there three times so far.

In this video I document my last visit, including the amazing tricks the chef does with his cooking utensils. Check out how he perfectly cracks an egg after an incredible display. He even tossed me some food that I caught with my mouth (mostly). I got to meet the owner’s wife, Mrs. An, who was so nice and respectful. They have a whole wall of photographs (also in the video) of them posing with customers and celebrities who have stopped by for a meal. Both have an interesting history worth checking out as well.

As you will see, I ended up getting chicken and shrimp with three-fried rice helpings, which I downed with strawberry lemonade. This meal was delicious and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully you can experience the same thing someday!



Rayshon Luke is a freshman at UArizona and is interested in studying business. He’s also a running back for the Arizona Wildcats.