Pure Love Juice: You’ll Purely Love It!

Madison Garren
December 2, 2022

As someone who is always on the go, I understand that it can be easy when grabbing a quick snack, or a full meal, to prioritize convenience over health. That was until I stumbled upon Pure Love Juice. Located in the beautiful St Phillips plaza, on the corner of River Road and North Campbell Avenue, Pure Love Juice really is a hidden gem. Initially drawn in by the diverse menu and gorgeous scenery, Pure Love Juice is now one of my go-to options, for meals or just quick, mid-day refreshments.

My first-ever visit to Pure Love Juice was the result of a simple google search. It was early September, and being new to Tucson I wanted a way to combat the heat while also trying something new. When I searched “Best smoothie in Tucson” I was quickly pointed in the direction of Pure Love Juice, from an article on the “Tucson Foodie” website. I can say confidently that I was not disappointed.

Let’s take a step… Outside?  

When I first arrived at Pure Love Juice, I was thrown off. Initially, having used the maps application on my phone, when it said I had arrived I had a hard time pinpointing exactly where the location of this business. This is because unlike many other juice bars I have been to, pure love juice isn’t a regular walk-in shop but rather a simple and easy walk-up window that is somewhat hidden in a little space on the corner of a building housing other businesses in the St. Phillips Plaza. Once I was able to spot Pure Love Juice, my eyes were immediately attracted to all of the bright colors they put into their decor.

Directly in front of the small shop where they prepare the meals and drinks is a sitting area with a bench, many tables, and a beautiful array of throw pillows, all with fun designs and energetic colors. Above this area was an elegant covering that provided shade to those sitting underneath it, and since it was a particularly hot September day in Tucson there was a water misting system that gently, but effectively helped to keep the area a cool, relaxing temperature. Before ordering I ventured over to what looked like another seating area to the right of the shop and was surprised to see a beautiful mural and an arrangement of lively, bright-colored plants alongside another small seating area. Even though there is technically no indoor seating available to guests visiting this establishment, I still found it a comfortable and relaxing environment with a good vibe overall. 

A Delicious Bite to Eat!

After taking a quick look around, I decided to walk up and place my order. Having never visited before I was unsure of what to order, but to my satisfaction, placed right next to the walk-up window was a menu with a categorized list of food, smoothies, acai bowls, and juices. Immediately I was drawn to a smoothie called “Pure Sunshine” both because of its fun-loving name, and also the complete list of ingredients listed underneath it. I also decided to order their “PB & Banana” toast, a simple snack that I used to indulge in as a child, reinvented with an assortment of new ingredients. Since it was a sunny afternoon in Tucson, it was no surprise that a few people were also ordering and awaiting their food, so the kind staff handed me a buzzer that would let me know when my order was ready. Even after such a brief interaction with the staff, I could tell that they prioritize the satisfaction of their customers because of the glowing smiles on their faces, and also the way they prepared each and every order with fresh ingredients, and in a way that makes each meal look as satisfying as it tastes. 

After a short seven-minute wait my smoothie and toast were ready for pick up at the window. I immediately sat down and snapped a photo for my Instagram before finally indulging in, what to me, is the perfect mid-afternoon refreshment. The smoothie was an exceptional mix of sweet and revitalizing to my taste buds. With the strong flavor of pineapple, mango, and banana, and the added added texture from the coconut flakes, it didn’t feel like I was simply drinking a smoothie, but rather that I was being teleported to a tropical island, right from the heart of Northern Tucson. A bite into the “PB & Banana” toast was also exceeding to my expectations. It had a nostalgic feel, while introducing a mix of perfectly ripe strawberries, and a slight kick of bitterness from the cacao nibs. Every aspect of my order flawlessly blended together to create a both healthy, beautiful, and mouth-watering experience. The only thing I don’t favor about Pure Love Juice is what a lot of people find to be their steep prices. No doubt that $17.70 before tax is somewhat high to pay for a smoothie, and toast. However, I personally am willing to pay a little extra knowing that my meal is not only made fresh, but also benefitting my health with lots of natural vitamins and minerals.

Can’t get enough!

This was far from my last visit to Pure Love Juice! After snapping the perfect “insta-gramable” content in front of their gorgeous mural, and sharing a picture of my lunch, I had many people asking me where this hidden gem was located. Now being one of my favorite go-to places, I take advantage of their mobile order options to skip the wait, and stop by anytime I’m craving something refreshing, or simply in the area. Pure Love Juice is a perfect embodiment of the hip, on the rise, trend that is healthy food made easy! If you’re looking for a cute place to take a couple of pictures, a way to spend time outside with the added luxury of fun music and great food, or even just wanting to grab something to cram down when out and about, Pure Love Juice is the place for you!



Madison Garren is currently a freshman at the University of Arizona, studying Pre-Nursing.