Day Off At Salon Salon


If you’re in need of a new hair do, a trim, or a way to escape all the chaos around you then this place might be for you. Going and getting your hair done can be very therapeutic, everyone has crazy lives and sometimes we forget about ourselves. It’s important to think about self care. 

Salon Salon starts with a full assessment of your hair and will go through what type of look you want to achieve. Salon Salon will create a plan to achieve your style goals that you want, that is safe for your hair, gentle, in order to get the results you want. 

Walking In

I walked into the salon and it was very busy, every styling chair had someone sitting it. First walking in I was kind of nervous but also very excited. Walking through the front entrance doors, Kevin Murphy product shelves covered the wall by the front desk, eight salon chairs ran down the left and right side of the salon, along with large circle mirrors above each one. As I waited for the receptionist to come back to the front desk I sat down in the waiting area. 

I was greeted very politely by the woman working the front desk and she asked “what brings you in today?”. I replied that I wanted to make an appointment just for a blowout. She asked me a couple of questions like what I wanted to get done and my contact information. She made the process very quick and easy and made me an appointment for the following week. 

My next visit!

It’s the next week and I’m walking in for my appointment. Today seemed like one of their “slower” days as not as many people are in the salon chairs. I walked up to the front desk and three stylist were sitting there including my stylist McKenna. When I checked in at the front desk we all laughed and thought it was ironic how my stylist and I had the same name. When I sat down I was very excited and a little nervous. When McKenna walked over she had a bright big smile and was very eager to know what I wanted done. She asked me a couple questions about my hair and the look I wanted to achieve, like would I consider my hair to be fragile, damaged, curly, wavy or straight. Then she asked what look I wanted, I replied with a smooth blowout and beachy waves. 

This meant a lot because some salons don’t take the time to really understand their clients’ hair. Being someone with very fragile hair and slightly damaged, you have to take extra precautions when styling it. If a salon does not take these precautions they could potentially “fry” my hair. Not fun!

Getting the “do”

The stylist and I talked for about five minutes about my hair and then she walked me back to the shampoo bowl. All the shampoo bowls were in a separate area from the styling area. Before sitting down I noticed all the different shampoos and conditioners designated for different hair types! As she started washing my hair she really took the time to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for me. She used a purple shampoo on me because I have really blonde hair. 

This process was pretty quick, when she was done we walked back to the styling chair and she picked out different products for my hair. she came back and had some of my favorite products including Kevin Murphy. Each product had a different use, one was for heat protection, one was for smoothing, one was for volume and the other one was just to add the oil back into my hair. 

McKenna then starts by sectioning off my hair to blow-dry it, she was very careful and gentle when drying it. While she was blow-drying my hair we chatted. McKenna told me she recently moved to Tucson from Illinois and was enjoying her new job and loving her clientele.

As she finishes up my hair she spins me around facing the mirror and it looked amazing, she did exactly what I was hoping to achieve. My hair looked and felt great! Looking around everyone had a smile on their face, clients and stylist, this is really an amazing salon. From products, to services, to stylists, this salon is an upbeat, personable and great place to go to, I will definitely be going back. 

For new customers like myself, I recommend walking in with an idea of what kind of style you want so you can provide your stylist with the best description. It’s very important to do research on a salon before making an appointment, always read the reviews and if they have a social media account check it out! 


Mackenna Kaats is a full time student at the University of Arizona majoring in Psychology.