Fine Dining at the Delta

Rocio, Victor and Melanie
December 2, 2022

Right in the center of 6th avenue is a new and vibrant restaurant named “The Delta.” The first time we came across this new spot, our eyes were immediately drawn to it. When you first see the Delta from the outside, you see bright blue and purple lights surrounding the entrance and once you walk in there are even more radiant led lights. The interior design of the restaurant inside and outside is very appealing, and immediately gives off New Orlean vibes. The walls inside are darker shades of purple, and on top of that have eye-catching paintings that add a nice contrast. As a group, we wanted to try something new and out of our comfort zone. What better way than to try authentic southern cuisine! The Delta is a relatively new-found restaurant opened in January 2022. 


Being a newly opened restaurant, there are many positive reviews that people have to say about The Delta. Reviews on TripAdvisor discuss that people “loved the unique menu and fun atmosphere.” Various reviews have also discussed the friendly and quick customer service, which we also experienced when trying The Delta. The menu consists of traditional food from New Orleans that many Tucsonans aren’t familiar with such as: Gumbo and crawfish meals. When asked what their favorite dish was, Manager Luis Alcala responded, “ I prefer the Big D, not just because of the name. I would recommend it for dedicated eaters, as it has been here since the beginning. The “Big D” is a bone-in short rib sandwich, mesquite smoked, and Dr. pepper braised. On top is bone marrow barbecue, with blueberry pickled onions, and of course their special sauce! The food we decided to choose were their “Peanut Butter Twix Pie ”  “Queso Birria Burger” as well as their “Muffuletta,” which is a sandwich made with salami, pepperoni, swiss, topped with olives. Very delicious options here at “The Delta,” and we recommend anything on their menu!

Let’s Look Inside

We experienced the Delta on November 8th, 2022. Walking in, you’ll be greeted by; a bar on your left (only if you’re of age), tables for dining on the right, as well as the kitchen and station up in the front. Purple and yellow walls all over, with old-school paintings really brings out the New Orleans feeling. Especially the deer skulls all over the north side of the wall. The spiritual aspect that this restaurant brings out is very astonishing, and it does not feel like you are in Tucson. Although the restaurant does include a bar, it was very kid friendly. The moment we walked in, I noticed there was a family seated and both halves of the party were enjoying their food. So if you plan to take your family out to eat for a nice dinner, then this is the place for you! 

Diggin’ In!

We decided to go in on a Tuesday afternoon as soon as they opened in order to avoid wait time and to be able to talk to the workers there. Rocio ordered the well-reviewed Queso Birria Burger, Melanie had the Peanut Butter Twix Pie, and Victor ordered the Muffaletta. All three of us were satisfied with the 2 entrees and dessert, and definitely recommend it to anyone coming in .

Rocio’s Queso Birria Burger

Although I came in with great interest in trying the southern cuisine, because it is a New Orleans style restaurant, I was immediately drawn to the Queso Birria Burger. Coming from a border town, I am a huge fan of birria and I knew that was exactly what I had to order. Thinking that it was not going to come out as good as it does down in Nogales, the dish came with a generous amount of birria on what seems to be crispy fried cheese, avocado and pico de gallo salsa in between two toasted sesame buns garnished with a lime. The picture of the meal was as good as its taste. Being a southern restaurant I did not have high expectations of their Mexican dishes, however they did very well on proving me wrong.

Victor’s Muffaletta

It being my first time trying out the new joint, I was not sure what I wanted to eat. Rocio suggested I get the Muffaletta. Never have I heard of this meal before, I was intrigued by the picture it had displayed. The description about the different types of meats they had, as well as the vinegary toppings really caught my eye. As it came out, the look of it was as good as it tasted. The vinegar was strong which I liked, and you can taste the different meats that were added in it. I was not expecting much just because I have never really heard of it, but The Delta really came through. Can’t express how much they helped us out throughout the entire time we were there. 

Melanie’s Twix Pie

While Rocio and Victor decided to get a lunch item, I wanted to try something on the sweeter side. When I came across this item on the menu, I imagined it would taste just like the candy bar; but it was better! The tender and golden brown crust of the pie was very delicious and could have not been made any other way! The Twix pie was perfectly made and had just the right amount of peanut butter and chocolate. The next time I come across The Delta again, the Twix pie is what I will be getting for dessert. 

Our Final Thoughts on The Delta

The Delta has super chill vibes all around. With a welcoming group of workers, they really made the environment extremely welcoming. Not forgetting the eats, the food has super strong flavors you can’t stay away from after trying it the first time! Even though this is a new spot, recently added at the beginning of 2022, they deserve more love and recognition from locals. If you enjoy food that isn’t common here in Tucson, The Delta is the spot for you! Even just going to have some desert and looking around, you will not be disappointed!


Melanie Ramos is majoring in Pre-Nursing at the University of Arizona. Rocio Navarro is majoring in Physiology and Medical Sciences. Victor Somoza is undecided right now as to what he wants to major in.