The Great Family Gathering at Flora’s

December 1, 2022

Flora’s Market Run, at the corner of 6th St and N Tucson Blvd is the place to be any day of the week. After leaving a nail biting and thrilling girls basketball game at the U of A, my dad and I were ready to relax and grab some dinner. Arriving at Flora’s and immediately having the scent of wood fired pizza fill the air as we stepped outside of our car made my stomach grumble even more than before anticipating the delicious food that I was about to indulge. The patio lights twinkled above the outdoor tables, lighting the way inside along with the warmth leaving the heaters and warming my soul on this cooler Arizona night. 

The Place To Be

With a busy evening inside Flora’s, the doors constantly opened and closed as customers entered and left. The open bar and open kitchen in the back caught my eye as soon as we entered. Being told there was about a 15-20 minute wait, we decided to go over to the couches and settle in. Laughter and conversations filled the room as people ate with their families, catching up with old friends, or even getting a drink at the bar. With R&B or hip hop music playing, some of my favorite songs played such as Fall in Love With You by Montell Fish or Dang! By Mac Miller. The lights dangled from woven bamboo fixtures and added an earthy feel to the place along with the plants all around. In a vase next to you, hanging from the ceiling, it truly felt as if you were surrounded by plant life making it all the more comfortable. With amazing attention to detail, the ceiling had an industrial feel as wood beams and the ventilation system are shown above. 

A Menu For All

Finally being seated, the waiter gave us water in addition to asking if we’d like to drink anything else. My dad and I began to catch up on our week along with some old stories that randomly came to our minds. Looking over the menu and debating on what I wanted, I was sure to order the AR Grilled Cheese as it’s a favorite of mine. My dad ordered the Crispy Fish Sandwich as he wanted to go for a lightweight and filling meal. In anticipation of our food, a huge pile of wood stuck out to me as an accent wall next to the wood fire oven. Dishes clanking in nearby tables, the sizzling of food on the hot pans, and the rattling and shaking of drinks being made at the bar caused us to have to speak a bit louder than usual.

The food finally arrived and it looked even better than before. My first bite of the grilled cheese melted in my mouth, as the cheese was very string like and having a toasted, crunchy bread. I knew that I should savor this as it would be the best meal I had all week. Dipping the sandwich into the soup made it all the better, making a great pair together. Looking over to my dad and it seemed as if he was enjoying his fish sandwich just as much. He said that it was very fresh and flavorful with a crispy coating, flaky inside, and soft toasted bun. He loved how seasoned and crunchy the fries were as well. Next thing you know, we both finished our food and felt very satisfied with our meal choices, sure to come back again sometime. 

Market Run

Although Flora’s is a restaurant, there’s also a market and bakery attached which is nice when you want to grab a couple things after eating to bring home. One of my family’s favorites are the Chocolate Chip Cookies. There is also the Birthday Cake Slice and the Carrot Cake Slice which I often see a few left assuming they are best sellers! Although there’s a deli, I unfortunately can’t try it as I’m vegetarian but I would try it out if I could. With lots of fresh produce, drinks, desserts, and snacks, they have quite a variety of items to choose from. With chips, sodas, wines, ice creams, condiments, breads, and more, you could never go wrong with what you chose. Along with that, they have other items such as notebooks or chapsticks from Poppy & Pout which I absolutely love and it works wonders!

Flora’s Friendly Vibe

After emailing Jeremy, a manager, he was enthusiastic to mention that he wants people to feel at home and invested with Flora’s. He loves that he found somewhere that shares his passion for food and hospitality along with the community that’s being created inside. Wanting to keep the neighborhood hub theme alive, Flora’s was sure to keep the market/restaurant aspect together and mimic what was previously known as Rincon Market. All while hopefully carrying its legacy and elevating it! Occasionally there are events going on such pop ups, donations, or seasonal and non seasonal interactive workshops. Popular events I’ve heard of are the beer and wine tasting along with the build your own pasta! Flora’s is not something you’d find around every corner and that’s what I think makes this place so special.


Sathavy Weldon is a current University of Arizona student currently studying pre-business and intended finance major.