Woops! Wandering into a Wonderful Bakery.

Alejandra and Kaitlyn T
December 1, 2022

Located on E University Blvd, an European based bakery that originally founded in NYC is now located in Tucson! They became the largest selling French macaron in the United States and now sell 15 different macaron flavors. UA students love this bakery and so do other adults as well! Quick breakfast stops, dates, meetings and long lasting memories all happen at “Woops! Bakery”.
Enjoying delicious pastries at the bakery.

This bakery is also pet friendly! As we saw cute little dogs sitting right next to their owners inside the bakery.The manager herself Ellie Lippel is always in an exciting mood, she is very polite and makes sure that customers are satisfied.

Not only does “Woops!” Deliver fascinating products, but they also charm students with their European aesthetic. With their fresh flowers, plants, brick walls, small round tables, romantic lightning, pictures, motivation writings on a chalkboard, small European tea cups, a small showcase of their delicious macarons and their soft enjoyable music.



Alejandra Diaz is a 1st year student majoring in computer science at the University of Arizona from Tucson, AZ.

Kaitlyn Tereso is a major in Animal Science & Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Arizona from Long Island, NY.